What do I need to look for when buying a pre-owned Omega watch?

When it comes to luxury watches, Omega is a brand that immediately comes to mind.

Founded in 1848, Omega has been producing some of the world’s finest timepieces for over 170 years.

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned Omega watch, there are certain things you need to look for in order to ensure you’re getting a quality product. In this post, we’ll outline the three most important things to keep an eye out for when buying a used Omega watch.

So without further ado, let’s get started

Find an Omega watch with as much provenance as possible.

This will also help maintain its resale value. If this isn’t possible, then make sure you purchase your Omega watch from a trustworthy, honest and reliable watch retailer such as Charles Martin Watch Company.

Check the watches authenticity

Each Omega watch has a 7 or 8 digit serial number engraved on the case back at the time it is manufactured. It is vital therefore to cross-check this serial number for authenticity.

Check the service history of your Omega watch.

Ideally, they should be serviced at least every 5 years. You may therefore need a specialist Omega Watch Service such as Charles Martin. If you use a postal service then make sure they offer sufficient insurance to cover the value of your Omega watch. Charles Martin postal service has insurance up to £20,000

Want to find out more?

There are more things to consider when buying an Omega watch so it is always best to speak to an expert for guidance.

Charles Martin Watch Company TAG Heuer Watches

Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer is highly revered within the luxury watch industry. Respected for its inextricable links to the sporting world and appealing on a universal scale for its affordably-priced wristwatches – there are very few Swiss watch brands on the market today that can beat or match the same values in reliability and quality that TAG Heuer promises. The Jura-based company manufactures its own movements and has forged its reputation in creating some of the world’s most instantly recognisable designs based on a heritage that spans nearly two centuries. If you are looking to buy your first pre-owned TAG Heuer watch, this introductory article will set you in good stead, with everything you need to know about TAG Heuer watches and what makes the company so investible.

Over its 160-year heritage, luxury Swiss watch brand, TAG Heuer has enjoyed partnerships with Formula 1, McClaren and Red Bull Racing to name just a few examples. As a result, the brand’s extensive selection of carefully built, avant-garde sports watches continues to appeal to the likes of surfers, motor racing professionals, divers, athletes, actors, sportsmen and pilots.

Popular TAG Heuer watches

TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch collection is home to models that incorporate the technology and vibrancy borrowed from the racing world. Many of the world’s most famous Formula 1 racing drivers have utilized a luxury sports watch manufactured by TAG. The models are comfortable enough for wearing every day thanks to robust, water-resistant stainless steel cases and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass fronts that rid the wearer of any glare when referencing the dial. At the same time this glass reinforces the dial and its legibility. Many special edition TAG Heuer watches from this collection celebrate some of the most iconic milestones in motor racing history and are equipped with legible chronograph features, tachymeter scales and date windows that add to their technical appeal. Most Formula 1 watches by TAG Heuer offer a water resistance of 200 meters and can measure up to a 43mm diameter.

TAG Heuer Monaco watches

Rising to fame on the wrist of Steve McQueen in the 1970s film, Le Mans, the TAG Heuer Monaco watch soon became an iconic design, balancing retro aesthetics with technical sophistication. It became one of the first automatic chronograph watches with a square face. Those fitted with the TAG Heuer Calibre 11 movement even featured the crown positioned on the left-hand side of the case. TAG Heuer Monaco watches continue to appeal to chronograph watch collecting circles as well as those with a taste for retro designs. New models look virtually unchanged from the original 1960s vintage Monaco watches, adding to a demand both in the new and pre-owned TAG Heuer market. The signature look of the TAG Heuer Monaco watch is a square 100-meter water-resistant stainless steel case on a classic leather strap with a bi-compax chronograph layout usually dressed in blue or black and contrasting coloured sub-dials.

TAG Heuer Carrera watches

Inspired by one of the most daring and boundary-pushing races in the world – the Carrera Panamericana – TAG Heuer Carrera watches were first released in 1963 and became the first chronograph watches for motor racing drivers. The Carrera watch also marked the Swiss watch manufacturer’s first in-house designed movement equipped with an oscillation pinion for improved performance and reliability. One of the most advanced editions of the class-looking TAG Heuer Carrera watch is the Carrera Heuer 01 model. Watches from this sub-collection are noticeably avant-garde with their practical, robust and functional designs featuring cases crafted from matt black ceramic, fixed bezels, domed and bevelled sapphire crystal glass fronts and rugged metal link bracelets with folding clasps. Other TAG Heuer Carrera watches feature skeletonised dials yet all models boast Super-LumiNova-coated hour markers and hands for improved legibility on the dark.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches

Appealing to amateur and professional deep-sea explorers, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer watch collection is home to various luxury dive watches built from robust, long-lasting materials and steadfast movements. Understanding, however, that dive watches are rarely used solely for diving, the watches from this series offer a level of versatility. Some models impart rugged steel on steel designs, whilst others are treated with a matte black finish to exude a contemporary and dynamic look on the wrist. TAG Heuer dive watches from this collection are integrated with features like a water resistance of 300 meters and a case size measuring up to 43mm. These TAG Heuer watches demonstrate that the brand can stretch far beyond the manufacturing of luxury racing chronographs. Three-handed watches and chronograph complications can be found within this series of robust tool watches. Screw-in crowns and sealed casebacks uphold the water-resistance of the TAG Aquaracer, whilst lume-coated plots on the dial and anti-glare sapphire crystal glass paired with a unidirectional rotating bezel that only move in a counter-clockwise direction guarantee a safe diver-friendly design.

TAG Heuer Link watches

The Link watch collection is TAG Heuer’s go-to dress watch family. Elegant and simple, the designs throughout this collection promote straightforward timekeeping but with a sporty undertone. The ‘S’ shaped links of the bracelets fitted to a TAG Heuer Link watch are a defining feature of the collection – each one carefully and ergonomically formed to enhance comfort on the wrist. These TAG Heuer watches, although robust and resilient, can easily double up as a companion for pairing with elegant attire. The case sizes of the TAG Heuer Link collection span from 32mm to 43mm in diameter and are equipped with 100-meter water resistance. Perfect as a daily beater, the watches from the TAG Link collection are also slimmer in depth making them ideal for wearing underneath office attire and come equipped with a date feature for keeping organised.

Today, TAG Heuer watches remain some of the most affordable luxury wristwatches on the market. From sports watches to diver’s watches to iconic retro motor racing-inspired models, the brand continues to innovate with a broad selection of quartz watches, automatic watches for men and elegant TAG Heuer women’s watches. You can take a look at our pre-owned TAG Heuer watches here at Charles Martin Watch Company or call our store today on 01889 560002 for more information on our latest pre-owned TAG Heuer watches.