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Watch Anatomy

The parts of a watch

The diagram to the left outlines the different parts of a watch so that you are familiar with the different terms used in the industry.

How to correctly pronounce the names of some luxury watch brands.

We appreciate that for some customers they might not know that they have been pronouncing the names of some watch brands incorrectly, through no fault of their own.
As an informative guide, here is a list of popular watch brands and the phonetic pronunciation of them.

Breitling – BRITE ling
Cartier – KARR Tee Ay
Chanel – Shan-El
Hublot – U Blow
Jaeger-LeCoultre – zhey ZHER leh KOOLT
Longines – LAWN jeen
Omega – o MAY guh
Oris – OR is
Rolex – ROH leks
Tag Heuer – TAG HOI ur
Tudor – Tu Dor