Our Watch Shop in Lichfield.

Welcome to Charles Martin Watch Company here in the old market city
of Lichfield in Staffordshire.

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Watch servicing and repair

We specialise in the repair and servicing of luxury watches. The servicing part of our business is something that we really excel in, as servicing a luxury watch is very different to your normal everyday watch. This type of work should be carried out by accredited service centres that know how to handle these types of watches.

If you’re wondering what makes us to special as a luxury watch service centre to do business with…

Well, we would like to think it’s us; the team behind the brand and our expertise & passion for the work that we do, which has led us to become an accredited watch service centre.

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The extensive range of brands that we work with can be explored further on our website. However, we are an official service centre for Omega, Longines, Rado and Tissot branded watches. Also, we’re a UK service centre for Glycine and Meccaniche Veloci.

We’ve helped lots of customers; by restoring their timepieces to their former glory so that they can continue to enjoy their watches for many years to come.


Pre-owned watches

 Charles Martin Watch Company has has the pleasure of working with customers from all walks of life. Some of which have spent years if not most of their lifetime saving up for a luxury pre-owned watch as a gift and it gives us great pleasure in seeing their dream turn into a reality. To see our extensive range of pre-owned watches on sale please click here.

This is a little about us and we hope you explore our story further in understanding what makes us tick as a company by exploring our website. Alternatively, if you would like to know more then please give us a call on 01889 560002 or why not come and visit our shop.